Caregiver's Bill of Rights

Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

As Volunteers at The Center, you are also seen as caregivers. You are a part of a Care Receiver’s world. You are a neighbor helping another neighbor and it’s important to take care of yourself.

It is human nature to serve others. Many people even feel called to serve. Often, caregivers do not know how to serve themselves. If you give more than you give yourself, you begin to burn out and lose the love for serving.

Volunteers often become attached and concerned for their Care Receivers, even if their own rights as a caregiver are forgotten. However, remembering your rights as a caregiver is a good step to successful volunteer service.

Caregivers have the right...

  • To enjoy open and honest communication with the care recipient, his/her family, friends or other caregivers.  
  • To express opinions and suggestions when appropriate.
  • To expect the care recipient, as much as possible, to make decisions and take initiative related to his or her care.
  • To make reasonable requests of the care recipient.
  • To take care of personal needs without feeling guilty.
  • To express emotions in front of the care recipient.
  • To acknowledge personal limitations and obtain assistance from outside resources.
  • To continue maintaining relationships and activities outside of the caregiving role.
  • To not take responsibility for decisions and actions made by the care recipient.

While the Caregiver's rights focus on caregivers who are with their care receiver continuously, many “rights” apply to you as a volunteer. The Center would add the following for our Volunteers...

  • Volunteers have a right to say no to a request.
  • To take time for rest when feeling off track from your mission as a volunteer, when you are sick, or when you need time for you.
  • To enjoy your role as a Volunteer.
  • To communicate any problems, emotions, or issues on your mind with The Center.
  • To remember that The Center is supporting you and is available to help you in your volunteer efforts. Volunteers do make a great impact on the lives of those they serve. There is no need for volunteers to feel they have to save the world on their own. Rather, when volunteers serve through The Center, they will in fact make a great impact on the community around them. Case by case, the lives of those who are in need of help with their daily living will be improved with volunteer help.

Thank you for giving your time, talents, and heart to the hundreds of Care Receivers who appreciate your help in living independently.